Located in Williamsport PA, Compu-Gen is a diverse technology company with a focus on business continuity and best practice solutions for our customers. We do this by providing TotalCare Managed IT Services, Networking, Security, HIPAA, and PCI Compliance Services, as well as Professional Large Business Procurement Sourcing. Compu-Gen maintains a very high Duns and Bradstreet Performance Evaluation Rating. This is our report card directly from our customers. But that’s enough about us, how can we help you? Give us a call at 570.323.8324

Compu-Gen’s robust variety of IT products and services increases business continuity by eliminating the finger-pointing between vendors and increasing technology efficiency.

Recover from a single file, from a disaster, or perform maintenance with ZERO downtime. Restore a server in less than 1 hour.

Vigorously Tested | Fast Recoveries | Small Footprint | Virtualization


Downtime cost more than you think!

• Small enterprises lost more than $55,000/year
• Midsize companies lose more than $91,000/year
• Large companies lost more than $1,000,000/year

Source: www.ontechsys.com/what-does-network-downtime-cost-your-business