“We promise not to drop the ball or pass the buck. How do we deliver that promise? You receive a dedicated account specialist that will assist you with your requests from sourcing to delivery.

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About Compu-Gen

Compu-Gen is a value added service and technology solution provider founded in 1993. We provide solutions to many different industries including Health Care, Law, Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Non-Profits, Education, and Government.

From idea to implementation we listen and then guide our customers through the best solution. Our goal is to develop efficiency through business continuity. The right solutions for our customers today prepares them for tomorrow and guarantees a fast return on their investment.

Teamwork & Business Continuity

Teamwork is the best way to accomplish tasks and provide the best coverage to our clients. Sharing and utilizing each individual’s expertise collectively enhances all aspects of our business and yours. When you combine teamwork with a vast array of products and services this enhances your business continuity.

We assign technicians to your business so that they can become familiar with your business intricacies. Then assign backup technicians that are cross trained so that there are multiple technicians familiar with your network. Other approaches where only one technician is available can lead to a single point of failure if an emergency were to occur and that person is on vacation, gets sick, or too busy.

Compu-Gen – Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Compu-Gen is in business to create value for our clients, and we do so by recommending technology and security solutions that is specifically beneficial to them. It is central to our culture that we all maintain the following mindsets:

  • Caring is the core to who we are. We always want to be warm, welcoming, and humble; to take the time to listen and genuinely understand; to have empathy, and to make a positive difference.
  • Can-do attitude: If there is a better way, we’ll work hard to find it. We want to go the extra mile to do what’s right; find options that are simpler, easier, and better; to make positive experiences for our customers.
  • Better together: We all work for the customer; we honor our promises to our customers; and we know enthusiasm and caring are what allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
  • As part of this culture, we want our team members to have fun — because success without fun never lasts, and fun without success isn’t much fun. This means enjoying our work, enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our customers and communities, and celebrating our achievements together as a team.

Quality Work and Customer Satisfaction

Compu-Gen aspires to maintain a reputation for the highest level of excellence. We seek to create real value for our clients by solving their technical concerns while improving their efficiency, and engineering their technology or security to meet their requirements and exceed expectations.