The JetPack

The JetPack Small Form Factor Computer is designed for quiet offices and tight spaces. We even have a special configuration for harsh environments.

  • Small to zero foot print size. Could fit in a shoebox.

  • External power supply keeps heat away and is easily replaceable. 

  • Solid State hard drives with no moving parts and faster speeds.

The JetPack can be mounted behind a VESA compliant LCD monitor for optimized space efficiency while still easily Aaccessing 2x USB ports & 2x audio ports. The ultra compact JetPack measures only 3.0" x 8.9" x 7.6", allowing it fit to just about anywhere. Large area of ventilation holes on side and top panel ensure sufficient air flow to keep the entire system cool. 

Dual Screen Ready

No extra's to purchase! Just plug in another monitor.

Designed & Built to Last

We think you should get the value out of your purchase so we meticulously research parts and build computers that last.

Ready to Fly

We want you to be happy because at the end of the day that is all that matters. We make sure every JetPack has all Windows updates. If you need Microsoft Office we'll install it for you. We'll also install any compatible software that you want on the system at no additional charge. 

30 Day Guarantee

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