Old PCs slow you down. New Compu-Gen PCs with Intel® Core™ processors combine breakthrough processing speeds with advanced power-saving features to provide multitasking performance that’s over 3X faster. And, new PCs reduce energy costs by using an average of 50% less power than older PCs.

Dual Screen Ready

No extras to purchase!

Designed & Built to Last

We think you should get the value out of your purchase.

We meticulously research parts and build them to last.

Preconfigured to Reduce User Setup

We want you to be happy because at the end of the day that is all that matters.

The JetPack is designed for quiet offices, tight spaces. We even have a special configuration for harsh environments.

  • Small to zero foot print size.
  • No fans in the power supply to go bad.
  • Solid State hard drives with no moving parts and faster speeds.
  • An easily replaceable external power supply keeps heat away and repair costs down!


CompuStations are always built on an industry standard design and professional grade.

  • Saves you money on maintenance and upgrades.
  • Assembled with components built for performance and longevity.
  • Solution Oriented: From word processing, 3D design, or even dusty workshops, we have the right solution.