Can you restore your server in ONE hour or less?

Compu-Gen’s TotalRecall data backup and recovery solution can!

The TotalRecall Recovery System minimizes downtime from days to minutes.

Enables you to protect your data and quickly restore lost information so you can get back to work.

TotalRecall Data Backup and Recovery Systems

Business continuity is more critical today than just having a data backup, because having data doesn’t help when your business is down.  The Total Recall System keeps your business running and can save thousands of dollars in lost productivity and customer confidence. Plus on a day to day basis, it can easily replace a lost email or file within minutes, saving hours of lost time and frustration.

Backup as a Service - BaaS

Our BaaS solution addresses common issues by providing a reliable managed service that removes the complexity and overhead of owning other internal backup services. The TotalRecall BaaS solution provides an off-site storage based backup service, providing support for the leading industry operating systems and broad enterprise application support. TotalRecall is an affordable monthly service allowing you to budget and reduce overall costs. We monitor, manage, and support the entire BaaS infrastructure on your behalf.

Compu-Gen TotalRecall Backup & Recovery solution provides deep application integration with today’s mission-critical Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Hyper-V | VMware ESX(i) | Microsoft Exchange | Microsoft SQL | Microsoft SharePoint


Compu-Gen TotalRecall Data Backup and Recovery Systems are among the fastest backup and disaster recovery solutions for Windows, Exchange, MS SQL and virtual machines, recovering application data from a block level to an individual file locally and across the network in just minutes for blazing fast data and disaster recovery.

Whether restoring a single Windows or virtual server, database or file; or recovering from a total site disaster, TotalRecall backup and disaster recovery solution minimizes downtime by enabling you to protect and restore your entire Windows server application environment.

  • Failover to standby virtual machines
  • Easy bare-metal restore to similar and dissimilar hardware
  • Easy-to-implement offsite disaster recovery plans and tests

Lifetime Warranty

Compu-Gen will provide complete warranty protection. Any repairs or replacement costs will always be free of charge.


TRC Auto-Transfer Protection


TotalRecall has already automatically saved all data and can function as a temporary server. Drastically reduces downtime & eliminates human error/intervention. Business continues to run.

Backup & Recovery Verification

We perform scheduled disaster recovery testing without impacting production environments. Your data is going to be there when you need it without interrupting your business.

Universal Compatibility

TotalRecall will quickly restore all files and data to any incompatible servers or workstations. Substantial cost savings on service fees and downtime. Ensures a smooth transition in emergency situations.

On Demand Business Continuity

TotalRecall converts servers and workstations into a virtual machine on demand. Your staff can keep working even though no physical server or workstation is present.

Single File Restore

TotalRecall captures and can restore data down to a specific file. Allows you to keep working because it can quickly restore a lost document, proposal, drawing, and other critical files.

Off-Site Replication

TotalRecall is the first step in a true disaster recovery plan. Easily replicate to another location for offsite backup and disaster recovery purposes. All business and client data is protected and encrypted. It is possible to work in a virtual environment at a new location or while equipment is replaced.

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