“Compu-Gen has been supporting our organization’s IT needs for the past three years. Initially, Compu-Gen completely managed our IT program supporting software upgrades from our electronic health/dental record vendors, general software enhancements, hardware repairs/upgrades, and general IT troubleshooting with staff members, with direction provided by the senior leadership of the organization. Over the past year, our organization has brought in-house a majority of the IT services; however we still have a strategic relationship with Compu-Gen in which they assist with major software upgrades as well as hardware repair/upgrades.The team at Compu-Gen is very competent and up-to-date on current security enhancements and overall IT needs of organizations and work very well with us to recommend IT solutions that allow us to remain compliant with all of our regulatory requirements. The sales consultants work very diligently to find the right hardware/software at a competitive price and will only recommend software/hardware that is needed to meet the goal of the project in order not to inflate the costs. Our interactions with Compu-Gen have been favorable and as we look to the future growth of our organization, we look forward to continuing to develop our strategic relationship with the team at Compu-Gen.”